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 Post subject: Playground Rules.
PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 8:46 pm 

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These are the rules for the role-play sections.

Horror and creepypasta based games will go in this section. As it is the focus of this forum, the games in this section should be related to that focus. Want to try running an existing horror game like Call of Cthulhu or something from the World of Darkness? Go for it!

If it isn't horror or creepypasta based, it will go in the Off-topic Arena section. This is for games that are fantasy, sci fi, superheroes, comedy, fantasy football (if you really want to), and anything else non-creepy. Note that if you use one those genres and your game leans more in the horror direction, then it belongs in this section and not in the Off-topic Arena sub-section. Want to try running an existing game like Dungeons & Dragons, Paranoia, Godlike, Toon, or Nobilis? Go for it!

The Storytellers are not only the ones running the games, but they are also the moderators for this section. They don't have as much power as the global moderators, but they have enough to suit the purposes for this section. As such, don't just ask to be a Storyteller in order to get a color name and some mod power; only ask if you legitimately have a game you want to run. If you want to run just one game, you can be a Storyteller temporarily. Once the game is over, or I see that you haven't made any progress on starting up or even running the game; your Storyteller status will end. If you want to run multiple games, you can be a Storyteller permanently (or basically for as long as necessary). You must be serious about having this status (though, your games don't necessarily have to be serious) or I will take it away.

If you are not participating in the game, do not post anything in its thread. It is disruptive and rude to the players. If you want to discuss an ongoing game, do so in the games discussion thread (as that is obviously what it's there for). One time can be excused as an accident, but multiple times will get you thrown in the Department or worse (depending on the severity of the disruptions).

Once a game is completed, the thread will be locked. This ensures that everybody knows the game is over, that there will be no additional posts after it's over (discussion of a completed game will obviously go in the games discussion thread), and that the thread will stay up for future generations to read and maybe enjoy.

Keep in character drama in character only. Whatever goes on in character (like fights and arguements and any general rudeness) stays there. Do not bring that drama out of character and spread it around the board because your feelings got hurt. They're just games. And I would hope you're all mature enough to understand that actions and words by an in-game character do not necessarily represent the player behind them. Just because character A and character B don't get along doesn't mean player A and player B don't either. Resolve any issues and move on. Which leads me to..

No metagaming. Just because you (the player) know about things that are happening in-game does not mean that your character does. Your character can only react to what they actually know about. I really hope I don't have to explain this any further.

No godmoding. Unless somehow otherwise noted in the game, your character is perfectly capable of losing. Follow the rules, even if it means your character get hurts or gets into a terrible situation. Considering the horror nature of some of the games, that kind of thing is going to happen a lot. Just deal with it. Or complain about it in the games discussion thread.

No explicit sex. Yes, I understand that the mature nature of these games means that sex may or may not be involved at some point, but you can include sex without having to go into detail about it and making it uncomfortable for the rest of us who may not want to read it. So implying that characters had sex is fine. The difference between explicit and implicit is the difference between erotica and "And then they all fucked!"

Other rules will be added later on as I think of them. Game specific rules (such as explaining how the game is played) will go either in the games discussion thread or in the beginning post of the game's own thread.

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